Canon Latin America, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the new M40 MFP solution imagePROGRAF IPF. This integrated system is offered with five different imagePROGRAF models to provide customers the right solution for your application. This new solution IPF MFP offers several new and improved technologies to make it a powerful blend ranging from capture to printing applications Imaging/Copying/Printing large format customers.

Let see more closely at some of the new features for image processing solution IPF M40 MFP:

The new unit “Single Sensor” allows higher optical resolution (1200 dpi), improvements in the quality of scan modes and materials management, as well as better stability.
Faster scanning speed (two times faster than the competitive solution)
o 3 “/ s for color scans
o 13 “/ s for black and white scans

Accepts a wider variety of materials, with expanded capabilities in 2mm thick
Compatible with USB 3.0
SmartWorks MFP Software v3.0
o More intuitive design
o Five new image enhancement caraterísticas
o New preconfriguraciones for one-touch operations
o Connectivity to the new portal solution cloud “Direct Print & Share”

Function scan modes to the Portal in the Cloud and printing from the Portal in the Cloud.
Direct printing easy from PDF files, JPEG and TIFF to achieve greater workflow efficiency of batch printing and high volume.

The image processing system large format imagePROGRAF iPF MFP Canon M40 is designed to be a complete scan modes to copy, file, email and to the cloud. This system includes an imagePROGRAF large format printer, large format scanner M40 MFP basics, SmartWorks MFP software V3, and a large touch screen. This solution provides a fast and efficient system for printing, copying, archiving and distributing maps, drawings, renderings, drawings administrative sites and facilities, test design and administration and site plans, test designs, drawings, posters and more. From today Canon Latin America, Inc. has discontinued the imagePROGRAF iPF MFP with Ci40 scanner.

Thank you very much for your continuous efforts and sales success.