Canon calculators have stylish designs with a variety of models so you can find results for every task. Canon calculators are known as some of the best calculators for handheld, desktop, office printing and scientific calculators. With our wide range of sleek models, you will find the features and functions you need for school, business or everyday calculations.

Portable Calculators: Perfect for home, school or on a desktop, Canon’s Portable Display calculators have a variety of features with angled displays for a clear view of your calculations.

Desktop Calculators: Canon’s Desktop Calculators incorporate easy-to-use keys that automatically perform complicated applications, in an attractive design.

Scientific Calculators: Canon’s Scientific calculators are packed with excellent features, including 38 built-in formulas and an LCD contrast adjustment.

Printing Calculators: Canon’s printing calculators provide advanced features, high-speed performance, advanced calculations and two-color printing in an attractive design. Whether you’re tallying earnings or calculating payrolls, get the answers you need with the accuracy and efficiency you expect from Canon.